Young human rights defenders demand improvements in the Margarita Central Hospital

Young human rights defenders demand improvements in the Margarita Central Hospital


The serious situation experienced at the Dr. Luis Ortega Central Hospital, located in Porlamar, Nueva Esparta State in Venezuela’s Caribbean Island also worries the different institutions that defend the human rights of the citizens of this state.

By Dexcy Guédez/ Correspondent

For this reason, a group of young human rights defenders from Nueva Esparta State gathered outside the main hospital center in the island of Margarita, with the purpose of raising awareness and sending a message and asking the authorities for a timely response. given the serious situation that the hospital is going through.

Adriana Adrián and Simón Calderón highlighted that in recent months there have been a wave of complaints from the patients’ families related to irregularities such as mistreatment, poor hospital conditions, lack of supplies and deficient sanitary conditions.

They consider that all these negative aspects have a direct relationship to the frequent deaths of newborns and new mothers in this healthcare center.

A similar activity was carried out at the headquarters of the ‘Universidad de Oriente’ (UDO, Eastern University) in the Nueva Esparta campus seeking to add more voices of young citizens, particularly those who have had to suffer losses relatives caused by the indifference of the authorities of the Ministry of Health in the upkeep and provision of the island’s healthcare centers.

“Our call is to make visible to the population a problem that affects all of us Neo-Spartans. That is why we call to unite in order to save lives and recover the hospital,” said Adrián.