Colombian regional television authorities agree to create a cross-border network with Venezuelan media

Autoridades de televisoras regionales de Colombia acuerdan crear una red transfronteriza con medios venezolanos


On September 28th and 29th, was held the “Greater Santander Border Meeting for Audiovisual Media Convergence” with the aim of creating alliances between Colombian and Venezuelan media which would allow the creation of a cross-border network for the production of specific, quality content of interest to both countries.

Luz Dary Depablos // correspondent

Norman Velázquez Álvarez, international consultant in associations and business networks, was one of the speakers at this meeting, who hopes that in the medium term a network will be established, to “generate three or four projects in the short, medium and long term” that enable knowledge and training to be shared and thus new business opportunities are created.

According to a dynamic developed during the meeting by the participants, several strengths were detected in the media of both nations. These will serve as a starting point for the creation of the information network on the border areas.

Amanda Jaimes Mendoza, Manager of Canal TRO (wide-ranging regional television station in eastern Colombia), said that this network seeks to unite traditional and alternative media such as public (Colombian) television with guests from Venezuela, to work on materializing these goals.

She pointed out that the project is supported by the Ministry of Technologies, Information and Communications of Colombia, as well as representatives of the Content Section Committee (regulatory body in the neighboring country) and directors of the Colombian regional television stations.

During the day, training was offered on specific topics in Networking, artificial intelligence applied to television, as well as an audiovisual production workshop aimed at children and adolescents.