Venezuela’s Environmental Ombudsman promotes a plan to protect the biodiversity of Mochima National Park against the coral Unomia Stolonifera


The environmental defense officer of the Ombudsman’s Office in Anzoátegui, José Daniel Jiménez, reported that they are promoting a plan to protect Mochima National Park’s biodiversity from the effects of the invasion by the coral Unomia Stolonifera and other invasive species.

Javier A. Guaipo // Correspondent

Although the main intention is to extract them, Jiménez pointed out that they assumed the mission of protecting the areas that are still free of these invasive species in order to also preserve artisanal fishing production and spawning areas.

“Days ago we started a pilot plan on Chimana Grande Island, specifically in La Ciénaga. It should be noted that this is a very important area, because there are currently a large number of fry there that are not found in other parts of the park due to the invasive species,” he commented.

He added that they seek to guarantee comprehensive protection with judicial measures and specific actions, such as biological, biotic and abiotic studies of all the fauna and flora present in all the areas that they consider relevant.

“All this is an initiative of the fishermen and environmental movements of the Anzoátegui State, who are very concerned about the expansion of the unomia coral, the lionfish, among other colonizers,” he highlighted.


From the State Attorney General’s Office they stated their support for the actions promoted by the Environmental Defender’s Office, as guarantors of this state’s patrimonial interests.

“We have special interest in contributing to the protection of the park’s marine biodiversity. We are going to link up with the Public Ministry (MP) and other government entities to achieve judicial protection,” said Ricardo Díaz, attorney for Anzoátegui.

He noted that they have held meetings with the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office and other institutions to establish the magnitude and effects that the proposed measures would have on a day-to-day basis.