The Secretary of the Primary Commission assures that there are no disqualified candidates

The Secretary of the Primary Commission assures that there are no disqualified candidates


Omar Barboza, executive secretary of the National Primary Commission, said that no candidate is disqualified. In his opinion, the regime’s announcements only want to disqualify the whole process.

By Correspondent

Barboza stated that for a citizen to be disqualified, administrative sanction must be ruled, and in the case of current opposition candidates, this sanction does not fall on any of them.

He asserted that is merely a political decision by the regime to attack the opposition and the process. “Article 227 of the Constitution is very clear. These disqualification announcements are political actions. Freddy Superlano won the governorship (of Barinas), and in less than 24 hours he was already disqualified. This was an illegal act, a political attack,” he stated.

The national leader said that in Zulia there are 341 voting centers enabled and ready to hold the Primary elections. Likewise, he said that the ballots are ready, the witnesses and members are receiving training for the electoral event.

Regarding the counting of the votes, on October 22nd he reported that each “table president” will be in charge of counting the votes and writing down the minutes of the voting activity.

“From Zulia, he informed the whole country that the Primaries are in good health. The call is to participate in the Primary process, vote for the candidate of your preference, elect and support the candidate who will oppose Maduro and return freedom to the country,” he said.

Barboza invited citizens to overcome barriers and fear. He stressed that we are facing a great democratic process to return well-being to Venezuela.

The executive secretary of the Primaries mentioned that the opposition will go to the end with the candidate who wins and that they will defend any scenario that the Government wants to generate against the winner of the Primaries.