The people demand the dismissal of Margarita Central Hospital’s Director after the deaths of newborns and parturients

Exigen destitución de director del Hospital Central de Margarita por muertes de neonatos y parturientas




This Monday, relatives of the newborns and parturients who have recently died at the Luis Ortega Hospital, held a demonstration demanding not only the intervention of that healthcare center, but also the dismissal of its director and other authorities.

Dexcy Guédez // Correspondent

Miguel Serra, singer-songwriter from Margarita and living cultural treasure of Nueva Esparta State in eastern Venezuela, raised the claim on behalf of all the families who have gone through this painful situation.

“It is painful to see how with each passing day children and mothers die, apart from other pathologies. We are asking the President of the Republic, the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, of which this hospital is part, the Minister of Health, the National Assembly, the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, the Ombudsman, the Legislative Council of the State of Nueva Esparta, Governor Morel Rodríguez, the mayors and councilors of the entire island region, to join together to request the intervention of the Luis Ortega Hospital,” said the well-known Margariteño artist.

Among the cases, he mentioned that of his daughter Isabela Serra Leblanc, 20 years old, who gave birth on September 7th, a happy uneventful birth, and the next day at 4:30 in the afternoon she was dead due to lack of attention from the hospital staff, especially the doctors, whose actions he questioned.

“I hold Dr. Antonio Rivas, director of the hospital, fully responsible. He is irresponsible. The College of Physicians of the state of Nueva Esparta should suspend his license, because he is irresponsible. When my daughter was showing symptoms of a possible stroke in the morning, he said it was a mental issue and at noon my daughter fell into a coma and at 4:30 in the afternoon she died,” Serra added.