Exotic bird trafficking network dismantled in Lara in western Venezuela



At least 370 birds were recovered by police officers in Lara State. The animals were held captive by a wildlife trafficking network.

By: Yanitza Martínez / Lapatilla Correspondent

The information was released by the Ministry of Ecosocialism through a press release where they also detail that they acted together with prosecutors with competence in crimes such as wildlife smuggling.

The recovery of the birds was carried out by officials of the Bolivarian National Police, attached to the Division against Kidnapping and Extortion of Lara State, specifically in the ‘Carrera 13’ (Thirteenth Ave.), Santos Luzardo neighborhood of the Unión Parish of the Iribarren Municipality in Barquisimeto.

Two people were arrested in the operation. They will be charged with the crimes of irregular possession of a wildlife specimen and of keeping wild fauna in captivity.

In the clandestine ‘zoocriadero’ (fauna breeding site) were found the following birds: Coro Cardinal, little cardinal, canaries, German flag, lovebird, Castaño hotbed, tanager, friar, blue fat bill, gonzalito (a type of oriole), toche, bull’s blood, wheatgrass, shearling, striped warbler, rainbow toucan, underpants, lion bird, magpies, nymphs, hummingbirds, white-chested milkfish, royal parrot, larks, anteater and yellow-headed parakeet.