Concerned citzens alert about the dismantling of a “white elephant” of Chavismo in Barcelona, eastern Venezuela

Alertan sobre el desmantelamiento de un “elefante blanco” del chavismo en Barcelona




In the northern part of Anzoátegui State in eastern Venezuela there are several “white elephants” of Chavismo. One of them is what once to be the ‘José Antonio Anzoátegui’ Metropolitan Terminal, located in the old Maestranza area.

Javier A. Guaipo // Correspondent

This infrastructure project, which has been paralyzed for more than five years, began to be dismantled by criminals since approximately this last March. At least this was what the President of the Construction Union of this state, José Rafael Hurtado, reported.

“Today we denounce with great sadness, anger and impotence the destruction of the structure f the terminal. The ‘friends of others belongings’ are ransacking roofs, beams, among other (building) materials,” he said.

The spokesman regretted the deplorable state of the works, which was more than 50% complete when it was stopped. He added that it even looks like “the Tarzan jungle” because of the pile of undergrowth that surrounds it.

Alertan sobre el desmantelamiento de un “elefante blanco” del chavismo en Barcelona




“We call on the police forces of this state to protect the facilities and stop the destruction by criminals,” he said.

Hurtado extended the call to all government authorities to take action on the matter, since this unfinished and neglected project is one of the first images seen by those who visit the capital of Anzoátegui State in eastern Venezuela.

He added that it is also important to resume construction, since it would represent the generation of thousands of jobs that would benefit, above all, the inhabitants of the Simón Bolívar municipality.

It is worth remembering that the chavista governor of Anzoátegui, Luis Marcano, has said on several occasions that the completion of the terminal does not depend exclusively on the regional government, since it is assigned to the Ministry of Public Works.