Clandestine maneuver in gas pipeline in Barcelona was frustrated and three were captured during the illegal tap job

Corrupción peligrosa: Detenidos perforadores de tubería de gas en Barcelona




Three individuals were captured by officials of the Simón Bolívar Municipality Police, when they were carrying out an illegal connection work on a domestic gas pipeline without any security measures, causing damage to it and putting the surrounding townships at risk.


This was announced by C/G (General Commander) Dr. José Ferrer, Director President of PoliSimónBolívar who identified the detainees as Orlando José Medina (54 years old), Oswaldo José Medina Guariman (46 years old) and Tirso Rafael Garcia Boda (57 years old).

The procedure was carried out on Av. Jorge Rodríguez when the policemen attended a complaint call received through social networks denouncing 2 subjects doing illegal work on a gas pipeline.

He explained that a citizen who stated that he was the legal representative of the VDGAS company (Venezuelan Natural Gas Distribution Company) also showed up at the place.

The police chief indicated that the 2 men stated that they had been hired by a third party to carry out this job. They removed part of the pavement managing to damage the gas pipeline.

He explained that, due to the damage caused to the pipeline, VDGAS personnel had to place a stopper to prevent a gas leak and a possible fire or explosion in the sector. Those involved were immediately arrested.