Chlorine gas cylinders have the population of Guacara on alert after reports of polluting odors

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It was learned that 34 chlorine gas cylinders, weighing 907 kilograms, were found in the El Sisal neighborhood, in the Guacara Municipality Carabobo State, after residents alerted the authorities that they had perceived a strong offending odor on a tract of empty land.

By La Patilla

Nov 21, 2022

The Mayor of Guacara, Johan Castañeda, reported this Monday that these containers with dangerous products can generate throat irritation, chest pain and vomiting through inhalation in the inhabitants of that area and neighboring communities such as Valle Dorado, Tronconero and Toco Norte.

After the report more than 80 officials from different safety and security forces (firefighters, Guacara police, Valencia firefighters, Environmental Guards, Environment Directorate and Pequiven personnel) were activated since last Friday to control the situation.

Mr. Castañeda explained that the specialists are using the technique of controlled degassing and neutralization in an emergency pit. “The neutralizer used is an alkaline solution using 500 kilograms of lime and 9,000 liters of water. In the process, each of the cylinders is anchored and hoisted with telescopic cranes, it is submerged in the pit, the valve is opened and the one-ton tank is submerged in the alkaline solution,” he explained.

He indicated that in the next few hours they hope to complete these tasks and then transfer the cylinders to the place of origin, which is Pequiven (National Petrochemical Corporation).

“Fortunately, the situation is under control thanks to the efforts and the articulation by all the organizations involved. Any other situation that has to do with this particular event, we are going to make it known,” said Castañeda.

The local official pointed out that an investigation will be carried out to find those directly responsible for transferring these cylinders to that sector of the town.

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